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Government Industry Academia
Collaboration Hub

Bridging Gaps, Connecting Communities

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Government Industry Academia Collaboration Hub

One of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry and academia in the MENA region.

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Government Industry Academia Collaboration Hub

One of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry and academia in the MENA region.

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Government Industry Academia Collaboration Hub

One of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry and academia in the MENA region.

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What is GIA Hub?

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) is  one of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry and academia in the MEA region.

It aims to bridge the gap between the three ecosystems to enhance economic and social development in our countries by improving the quality of education and fostering innovation in the academic sectors. This will, in turn, improve the employability of youth and promote the implementation of technologies in industry and government sectors.



Prof. Eesa M. Al Bastaki

President of the University of Dubai

Image1_120227205353 - Hussien Mostafa

Dr. Mahmoud Sakr

President of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT)


H.E Dr. Yacine Oualid

Minister of startups, Micro-entreprises and knowledge economy, Algeria

IMG_3601 - Amr M

Dr. Amr Almaddah

Deputy Minister for Hajj and Umrah services

JWong photo - Joanne Wong - Speakers _ GIA Hub (1)

Joanne Wong

Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship + Partner, REDDS Capital, IEEE Entrepreneurship

fadel - Hussien Mostafa

Fadel Digham

Chair, Digital Transformation Group, International Telecommunication Union

Ghanim White Picture - Ghanim Kashwani

Prof Dr Ghanim Kashwani

Advisor at UAE Society of Engineers

Mansoor Hanif 1 - mansoor_hanif@hotmail.com (1)

Mansoor Hanif

Executive Director – Digital & Cognitive Solutions, Neom

DR Jassim Photo - Shooq

Dr. Jassim Haji

Executive Advisor Nasser Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Centre

Prof. Amr photo - Jasmin Mohammed

Prof. Amr Farouk Abdelkhalek

Assistant to ASRT President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

1662065458199 - Hussien Mostafa

Mohamed Essaaidi

Director General, Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI)

IMG_0761 - Fahad Babhair

Fahad Babhair

Smart Cities Program Representative at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

S11A8818 copy PP - Jassim Albastaki

Jassim Albastaki

Chief Operation Officer at Arabian Falcon Holding Group

RashidProfile - Sara Almazroei

Rashid Alahmedi

COO InfraX

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-23 at 11.07.19 - Hussien Mostafa

Mohamed Aboud

IEEE TEMS VP, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Center Manager at Dubai University, CEO of GIE

Photo Issaad - issaad mohamed

Issaad Mohamed


Sarah Shaw Photo - Sarah Shaw

Sarah Shaw

Senior Advisor at COP28

Ali Saeed Abuzinjal - ALI Abuzinjal

Eng. Ali Abuzinjal

Head of Digitizationn, Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park

Hatem_Face - Hatem EL-SHAMMAA

Hatem El-Shammaa

CEO Spectro Systems

Marcin Ścigan - Marcin Ścigan

Marcin Scigan

Deputy Director, Partnerships at COP28

EH pic - Elie Habib

Elie Habib

Co-Founder, Anghami

IMG_9304 - Bashar

Bashar Kilani

Digital Economy Advocate

IMG_0385 - M. Mangoud

Prof. Mohab Mangoud

Professor at the University of Bahrain

03c90776-1bbd-4725-8b07-014b80421307 - Nelly Mahmoud

Nelly Mahmoud

Chief Officer of Marketing & Youth Beyond Banking & Financial Inclusion, EGBANK

FB_IMG_1672245114085 - Dr. Mohamed Galal

Prof. Eng. Mohamed Galal

Director, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Al-Azhar University

Portrait Pro Squared - Nicola Bettio (1)

Nicola Bettio

Higher Colleges of Technology, Executive Director – Applied at Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

WSalah - Walaa Salah

Walaa SalahEldeen

Cybersecurity & Innovation Sr. Consultant, Telecom Egypt

SAG-374 - Copy - Miguel Lasprilla (1)

Miguel Lasprilla

CTO Region MET, Software AG

1681056969730 - Yasmine Tarek.jfif

Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Regional & Business Development Director at MARSES Robotics  

Dr. Diana_Francis_Pic2023_2 - Diana FRANCIS (1)

Diana Francis

Professor at Khalifa University

Lotfi Hi-res Mugshot - Hussien Mostafa (1)

Lotfi Belkhir

Associate Professor & Chair of Eco-Entrepreneurship at McMaster University

20231003_165942 - Sabina Abdul Hadi

Dr. Sabina Abdul Hadi

Associate Professor University of Dubai


Abdullateef Aliyu

General Manager-Projects, Phase 3 Telecom

FH new profile photo - Fehmida Hussain

Fehmida Hussain

Deputy Director, Head of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Head and Founder of MDX Innovation Hub at Middlesex University Dubai

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-18 at 00.32.56

Hassan Mansi

Director, Accelerator Programs, Saudi Research & Media Group-SRMG

Ahmed Sedky - Ahmed Sedky

Ahmed Sedky

Managing Partner at Significa Ventures

VER_7815 - Arsalan Al Hashimi

Arsalan Al Hashimi

Founder and CEO of Ascension Human Optimization by Arsalan

AliBenfattoum - Ali Benfattoum

Ali Benfattoum

Principal Product Manager Technical – AWS IoT, Amazon Web Services

Vidya Photo - Vidya Veerapandian


CTO Region MET, Software AG

PICTURE GHAZI V2 - Ghazi Saddem

Ghazi Saddem

Founder, Head Ghazi Saddem Consulting

d171cda9-82cd-48f3-bf09-8ba42d0ca620 - Ahmed AbdelHamid

Ahmed AbdelHamid

Business Development Manager, Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Company L.L.C

IMG_0873 - Zainab Al-Eqabi

Zainab Al-Eqabi

Content creator and Motivational Speaker 

new doc 2022-10-04 20.04.57_page-0001 - Hussien Mostafa (1)

Mohamed Mostafa Fouad

Vice chair IEEE Entrepreneurship

92019277_10156821771306786_1884629214238343168_n - Seif Badawi (1)

Seif Badawi

Executive Board Member, Head of Innovation and Founder of ManuTech Community

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-18 at 00.32.43

Ayat Amr

Partner development manager, IEEE

Mohamed Mamdouh (1) - Mohamed Mamdouh

Mohamed Mamdouh

 Managing Director VLens

20180724_121730_IMG_7087 - Muhammed Nabil

Muhammad Nabil

Business Development Strategy & Venture Lead, Microsoft

mohamed el dallal Dar - Mohamed El Dallal

Mohamed El Dallal

Vice chair IEEE Entrepreneurship

Identity Photo Imen JERIDI - Imen Jeridi (1)

Imen Jeridi

Researcher and Executive Coach, DKP Freelance Professional

Hussien Mostafa Ezzalden - Hussien Mostafa

Hussien Mostafa Ezzalden

Business Development Manager, Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Company L.L.C

GIA Program

10:00 - 10:10

Opening Speech || Creating Synergy: Aligning Goals Across Government, Academia, and Industry

Mohamed Aboud

10:10 - 10:55

Innovation Impact: The Role of Technology in driving Economic Growth in the Arab World

Prof. Eesa Bastaki Moderator

Dr. Mahmoud Sakr

H.E Dr. Oualid Yacine

Dr. Amr Almaddah

10:55 - 11:10


11:10 - 11:55

Convergence of AI and IoT: Building Intelligent Systems

Dr. Mohamed Eltaweel Moderator

Dr. Mohamed Issaad

Dr. Fehmida Hussien

Ali Benfattoum

Rashid Alahmedi

Miguel Lasprill

11:55 - 12:40

Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities

Ghazi Saddem Moderator

Dr. Lotfi Belkhir

Dr. Nicola Bettio

Dr. Abdulbaset Al Janahi

Dr. Ahmed Abdelhamid

Prof. Eng. Mohamed Galal

12:40 - 13:25

Connected Communities: The Role of Technology in Smart Cities

Dr. Fadel Digham Moderator

Dr. Mohamed Essaaidi

Abdullateef Aliyu

Fahad S. Babhair

Mansoor Hanif

13:25 - 14:10

Funding the Future: VC and Corporate Investment in Tech Startups

Ahmed Sedky Moderator

Nelly Mahmoud

Joanne Wong

Jassim Albastaki

Muhammad Nabil

Walaa Salah-Eldeen

14:10 - 14:55

From Lab to Market: Accelerating Technology Transfer and Commercialization in the MENA

Imen Jeridi Moderator

Prof.Ghanim Kashwani

Dr. Amr Farouq

Mohamed Mamdouh

Dr. Mohab mangoud


14:55 - 15:10


Ayat Amr Moderator

Hassan Mansi

Arsalan Al Hashimi

Elie Habib

Vidya Veerapandian

Zainab Al-Eqabi

15:10 - 15:55

The Digital Content Age: Navigating Economic Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities

Seif Badawi Moderator

Bashar Kilani

Mohamed Abdul Rahman


Dr. Jassim Haji

15:55 - 16:40

Unlocking Industry 4.0 Potential: A Roadmap to success

Ms. Sabina Abdul Hadi Moderator

Sarah Shaw

Dr. Diana Francis

Marcin Scigan

16:40 - 17:25

Tech Solutions for Climate Resilience: A Call for Action

Eng. Aboud Moderator

17:25 - 17:45

Signing MOUs

Eng. Hussien Moderator

17:45 - 18:05

2023 - Arab IoT & AI Challange Awards Cemorny


Why Join
Government Industry Academia Hub?

By participating in GIA Hub you will access a lot of benefits that will achieve your business objectives and establishing partnerships with your prospective customers.

Matchmaking | Government Industry Academia Hub


Arrange meetings with your prospective partner from Government, Academia and Industry
Government Industry Academia Exhibition (GIA Exhibition)

Global knowledge transfer

Debate with experts from different regions
Young Talents Ignition | Government Industry Academia Hub

Young Talents Ignition

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) gives school students the opportunity to become part of the innovation ecosystem
National Initiatives | Government Industry Academia Hub

National Initiatives

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) brings together more than 27 countries in various initiatives taking place in the Hub

University Students Exposure

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) is the bridge between university talent and industry. We provide the market with a well-equipped generation
MoU Signing | Government Industry Academia Hub

MoU Signing

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) supports you in signing MOU with your prospective partner
Technology Trends | Government Industry Academia Hub

Technology Trends

Discuss and interact with the experts who will share with you the latest technology updates from various fields.
Government Industry Academia Regional Mentorship Program


Be one of our judges who are selected for the largest competition in the MENA region.
Hub of Ideas | Government Industry Academia Hub

Hub of ideas

The Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) showcases a wide range of promising ideas that have emerged from collaboration between government, industry and academia.
Awards & Prizes | Government Industry Academia Hub

Awards & Prizes

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) has various programs that take place in conjunction with GITEX. The event is a great exposure opportunity for startups and students.

The IoT & AI Initiative

Mission: The triple helix model of innovation

Bringing technology, academic, and industry communities together has been our objective since we started this initiative. We managed to reach out to almost all the Arab countries, then we expanded the program to reach Africa.

We introduce you to the IoT and AI Initiative; the community building program that develops an ecosystem based on IoT & AI with customized challenges that helps generations to improve their innovative ideas into investable businesses by going through 3 phases of Ideation, Training & Technical Support, and Demo days for each track: High Schools, Universities, and Startups.

The Initiative comprises two challenges for both the Arab and Africa region, and the Knowledge Hub which is an educational platform for technology courses, tutorials, and sessions.

What we do

For the 4th Edition,

We are working Towards Catalyzing Innovation, Boosting Economic Growth!

To provide undisputed opportunities for all parties from governments, industries, and academia to collaborate for realizing their common goals towards the sustainable economic and social development of the MEA region.

We are committed to helping our partners network through programs and activities that bridge the gap among them, catalyze the innovation processes, empower community, boosting technology and scale up collaboration across the MEA region.

Collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government is key to catalyzing innovation and growth in communities. We launched this 1st of a kind initiative in 2021 to foster collaboration between the three ecosystems.


The initiative comprises main activities that enable and accelerate this collaboration by bringing together diverse communities. With the help of our experts, speakers, and different collaborators from diverse sectors, we are making sure that all parties are connected to discuss, shape, and implement the new digital future.

Government Industry Academia Hub


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